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Geocode Mapping and Analysis P/L
Ian Allan (Principal)

Geocode specializes in spatial modelling. Geocode combines the integration, restoration and value-adding of maps and data for use in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). They also produce custom cartographic modelling software to interpret these datasets. Geocode’s approach creates opportunities of scope so that new and innovative uses for spatial data can emerge. In partnership with leading specialist professionals, they turn data into spatial information that is targeted to decision makers.

Robert and Ian work together very closely and take much pleasure engaging in projects where their skills are highly complementary.

Lanfax Laboratories

Lanfax Laboratories are an independent, commercial and research organisation with special interests in soil, water and wastewater analysis. The modern laboratory facilities are operated as support to professional scientists and engineers consulting in those same disciplines, and provide a research component for investigations into water, wastewater and soils projects.

Lanfax Laboratories have pioneered the biennial conferences on domestic wastewater management in Armidale, the Proceedings of which are still available on request.  No one in Australia has done more for the science of on-site wastewater management!


Robert van de Graaff has also worked pleasurably and beneficially with Cardno Lane Piper on general land assessments for future residential development.

Also, in years past Robert worked harmoniously with Glenn Marriott of LandSafe, a division of Ag-Challenge in Warragul, first in a mentoring capacity and then in a more collegial role.