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All land use impacts on the soil and, most often, on the surrounding natural waters. Led by one of Australia’s most highly regarded soil scientists Robert van de Graaff, van de Graaff & Associates specialise in offering comprehensive soil and water assessments, recommendations for sustainable land-use and beneficial use of treated wastewaters.

In approaching soil and water management projects, van de Graaff & Associates apply the all-encompassing Dutch philosophy:

- All land is valuable
- All land can be improved and made productive
- A clean environment is necessary for community well-being.

These principles have been successfully applied in Australia and iinternationally for more than 30 years.

Van de Graaff & Associates insist on the highest level of integrity and competence in all the work that we do. We are among Australia’s leading small niche consultancies in the areas of:

Engineering soil quality and soil depth applicable to development of land for urban expansion and trenching for pipe lines
Wastewater Management & Irrigation
On-site Domestic Effluent Management (including Land Capability Assessments LCAs) in unsewered areas
Soil and Groundwater Contamination & Risk Assessments research - particularly with respect to heavy metals
Urban Horticulture – Soils of parks and gardens & Soil improvement in urban redevelopment areas
Aboriginal heritage - Helping to refine the finding of preferred prehistoric Aboriginal sites based on geomorphology and soils
Asset Management – Soil chemistry of water & sewer pipe surrounds that may affect corrosion

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